Seeing Things Clearly

One of the things I hate the most? Having to buy new glasses! I walk into the sea of frames & shelving & for a small second, just a mere moment, I feel excited. However, after I’ve tried on 4 or 5 pairs I’ve lost the will-what shape suits my face best? What colour? What size? What price? It’s like when you start smelling perfumes in a department store & very quickly you lose your sense of smell-in Specsavers I lose my sense of sight. I forget what my face normally looks like & each time I try on another pair I see either my Mum or my Dad staring back at me in glasses neither of them would suit.

So in frustration I give up with a plan to go back the following week. I can feel the entire shop let out a sigh of relief as I exit-all three girls I’ve had trailing behind me, weight lifting frames & offering an opinion, retreat for a well deserved coffee break although none can relax completely, after all, I did say I’d be back in next week.

This week, after finally finding a pair of glasses I do in fact love, I started to think about this process more deeply. You buy a new pair of glasses in order that you can see things better. Without glasses life can be a little bit fuzzy, for some completely blurry, and their job is to enhance your vision. Whilst it’s important that you feel happy with the pair of glasses you have sitting on your face, the main issue here is that we see more clearly.

So my question today is…..are we more concerned about how we are seen, than by seeing things clearly?

Look around today, what needs can you see? Maybe it’s a story on the news, maybe its a homeless person you walk past on the street, maybe it’s your kids kicking off. Whatever it is, take a good look, try & see it clearly & then see what you can do about it. It’s hard, life is so busy, but if we all do it what a difference it would make. I’m going to give it a go too.

If you would like to read more about issues of human need & how we can help then please take a stroll around my blog.  It’s not been up and running long & there is much MUCH more that I want to write and learn about, but I’m making a start.

One Comment

  1. LisaDay

    I see your point and agree with it. I also truly see, but to go back to the whole eye glasses experience, it’s pressure (get it) right from the start. Trying to figure out which lens is a bit clearer and sharper, to picking the glasses and getting used to them. It’s as bad as shoes.


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