My name is Amy Dyas and I am a mother of two and I live in the North East of Scotland.  Aged 18 I was torn between going to Art School or getting a degree and sadly my middle class roots encouraged me to err on the side of caution and get a degree first, but oh how I wish I’d pursued my love of art.  One parental objection I have; teach my kids to follow their dreams, even if they seem shaky and possibly unlucrative! Nevertheless, I now have a 2.1 BA Hons degree in Classical Studies from the University of Bristol (and no, my plan was never to become a Latin teacher!  Merely to avoid life making decisions by another three years.)  After university I married and moved to Germany, and I worked as a freelance writer and illustrator.  I had a childrens book published in America 8 years ago, “The Robins of St Lawrence Church”, just shortly before the birth of my first child, after which writing and drawing somewhat went off the radar for a while.  However nowadays I still very happily pass my time honing my illustrating techniques and writing childrens stories that I hope I will be brave enough to send out to publishers one day.  Much more in the forefront of my mind though, I have recently become increasingly interested in human rights issues and am burning with a desire to try and make some kind of change.  Hot stepping it to the developing world is kind of off limits right now though as wifely and motherly duties demand my time and presence here in Scotland.  Not that these are irksome tasks-I want my children to grow up understanding other peoples needs just as much as their own needs.  To see them grow into humble and giving adults would be my greatest desire and that is my one of my tasks at hand.  So, never to be deterred, that means I need to make a difference from my static Scottish location and this blog is my starting point.  I want to raise awareness for issues that many of us don’t know enough about; I want to understand these issues better myself; I want to bring the human rights agencies that are out there to you and I want to share with you how I am working to get involved and bring around some change.  Please explore and read my blog and any additional information you might have to share with me would be very welcome.