What a wonderful day

Reflection: what a wonderful day this was-the kids charging through the stubble fields with the dogs; sun on their faces, freedom in their hearts, not a care in the world. But I couldn’t enjoy it completely, my own heart was troubled-we are the few, the minority. Millions (and millions) of children are living in slavery right now, today, as we go about our family business, as we wash the cars and scrape our plates from the Sunday roast, mopping up the juices. We know plenty, they know empty, we know love, the know pain, we know freedom, they know imprisonment. Enjoy your families and friends every day, but don’t forget those who are trapped & imprisoned, scared and alone


#humantrafficking #childslavery #freedom #slavery #slaverynomore #SDGs #theglobalgoals #humanrace #runtherace #runwithendurance #pray

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