Blessed Assurance

The day I set up Let’s Run The Race, mid blog, I decided to get out of the house and take the dogs for a walk.  I’d spent so long staring at my computer screen that my brain was stuttering & my eyes had dried up like raisins.  Being somewhat of a technophobe the process of setting the blog up had addled my thoughts, but never one to be thwarted or deterred I steam rolled on & started writing with perseverance.  But part way through I began to have doubts about my actions.  Honestly, what was I undoing??  Pretending to be a writer?  Posting my thoughts & opinions on the internet for anyone to read?  No training, no experience & clueless to blogging & social media!

I escaped to the nearby field & stomped around whilst questioning and praying.  My heart was burning with my new found passion for human rights & all I wanted to do was take action & get involved, but was it a hopeless dream?  “Lord please tell me.”  I tuned the corner of the field & walked back towards our house (the teeny weeny house you can see under the rainbow) and this is the sight I saw.  An amazing, perfectly shaped rainbow cast right over our house & a smile & a joy crept onto my face & into my heart. In the last few years, every time I/we’ve made an important decision it has been followed by the appearance of a rainbow just outside our house.

For some a rainbow is just the scientific answer to rain & light meeting, but for me it’s Gods smile, it’s His promise, it’s His assurance & it’s His love.  So I went home, I finished writing & I clicked “publish” and I’ve not stopped since.  Some days visitors appear on my blog & soar through the posts like they are eating them up! Other days it’s just a slow trickle of wanderers, but whichever it is, this picture keeps my mind & my thoughts in the right place. “Lets Run with endurance the Race set before us”.


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