Is Your Warning Light On?

This photo has given me much pause for consideration today.  I took this photo a few months back and today I was scrolling through my photos and stumbled across it again. I was just about to click “select” and “delete” but something stopped me. This yellow warning light flashed up on my dashboard as I was driving along one day in my husbands beloved TT so of course panic, anxiety & fear set in! What if I’d broken it?!  Not a question a wife ever wants to ask herself! So I pulled over, took a photo & sent it to him. “Drive cautiously home” was the reply.

So this afternoon I started to sift through the dust in my memory, trying to remember when this photo was actually taken before remembering that photos have dates on them-I really am a complete technophobe!  Anyway, it was 5th August and I can honestly say that this was around the time when God was beginning to stir my heart towards issues of social injustice and human rights.  I had not put a label of such on it at that time, I just know that I was being stirred up & a passion I couldn’t quite put my finger on was emerging.  Maybe this little light was God having a little chuckle, “Come on Amy, hurry up!”  Or maybe it was just a coincidence, but either way, it turned my mind to thinking about warning lights.

Warning lights alert us to something that’s wrong and something that needs our attention.  It could be something dangerous or something that needs fixing-maybe even both.  I had set off my own warning light to God earlier in the year and so He came along and fixed me.  It wasn’t easy or straightforward and it certainly wasn’t quick but He did it all the same. Now I think He’s telling me that it’s my turn to look for someone else’s warning light and to try and help; it won’t be easy or straightforward and I’m sure it won’t be quick, but I’m ready for it.

What about you? Has the light on your dashboard lit up recently?  If it has then I can only encourage you to take the time to really think about what it might mean and talk to someone else as well-grab a cuppa and chew the fat!  After all, that’s what friends & family are there for-to help us when we don’t know what the big scary yellow light on our dashboard means.

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