Time: Putting My MOney Where My Mouth Is!

So this morning I decided to put my money where my mouth is and actually write the lists I said yesterday that I was going to and see if I could follow them through.  It is with great surprise (and joy) that I can say I achieved all the items on my “must-do-it-or-else” list and most of my “if-it-never-happens-how-bad-can-it-be” list!

What I think made this type of list writing so helpful was that it made me feel really relaxed about it. Straight away I knew that if it didn’t get done then I wasn’t going to self implode! I felt quite leisurely about the whole thing to be honest.  I think because I had highlighted the most important “successful” items for myself, I felt much more able to focus on them and actually enjoy them.  23845236_10155873639247856_2023824885_nNormally if I manage the time to read my bible it’s hurriedly and sometimes even with guilt for the time it’s taking away from my “real” jobs.  Today however I sat down with a cup of tea and read 1 Kings chapter 1 and thoroughly enjoyed it-it was a valid item on my list of “successful” things to do and it made me feel like I was really achieving something by focusing on that goal and ticking it off my list.  Now I appreciate I that should feel like this every time I open my bible but I’ve allowed the hectic busy schedule of life to take over from the truly important things and this new way of doing things will hopefully redress the balance restructure of my my day to day living and also my outlook on life as well.

Also by making an effort to reach out to someone and help them I was blessed enormously and more importantly so were they.  So all in all a busy yet positive day!

So, would you be willing to challenge yourself to setting out two lists like this tomorrow? On your “must-do-or-else” list you need to pick an item or two that will help the functioning of your day to day life-for instance no one wants to leave the house without pants on!  So things that will ensure modesty and clothing for you and your family is a good one.  Then something to help someone else (see yesterday’s article “Time” where we identified small and big ways of doing this) and then something as well to lift your mind and spirits both spiritually and physically.  For me this was doing some exercises for my back (I am quite literally falling apart at the seams!), walking the dogs, reading my bible and praying.  What’s great about this last one is that you are making your own personal well being a matter of importance, as it should be because without it we can’t run on all cylinders.

After this the “if-it-never-happens-how-bad-can-it-be” list (such as cleaning or bacuuming!) straight away looks much less stressful and worrisome. I honestly only expected to tick one of these items off but I think by getting into a healthy and relaxed frame of mind early on in the day it made me more productive.  23897683_10155873639057856_1024730919_n.jpg

Now, just to be completely honest (I do believe in totally honestly and I am waxing lyrical a tad here!), there was one downfall.  Me and my snooze button had a little falling out this morning so I didn’t in fact get up as early as intended, which if you’ve read yesterdays blog “Time” you will know me and my snooze button have a pretty hazardous relationship!  This glitch in my “leaping from bed full of the joys of Spring” moment resulted in me spending the day in my “leisure wear” and not showering until 2.45pm! So tomorrow I will be adding “actually get out of bed” on my “must-do-it-or-else” list!

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