Joy Full

I spent the morning catching up with a friend and we got onto the subject of the cup of blessing-as you do!

This particular cup comes from Psalm 23 “My cup overflows with blessings.”

And she was explaining to me about how our cup is blessed by God which means therefore that the cup is full of blessings. Now if we imagine ourselves as that cup then we too are blessed by God and are also full of His blessings, in fact we are overflowing with them. What a beautiful image!

We are then able share these blessings with others; friends, family, those in need, and sometimes even people we don’t know.  It’s such a wonderful image of not only receiving Gods love bountifully (“overflows”!) but also sharing His love, with abundance (“overflows”!).

So can you IMAGINE my delight when shortly after I popped into Pret A Manger to get my favourite extra hot flat white and chocolate croissant before going home, when the barista handed me this cup?!



Joy filled.

A cup filled with joy.

I just love how this married with the conversation I was literally just having with my friend.  And I just love the way God joins in with our conversations like this.

So I then reflected upon this cup and it’s beautiful description.  I concluded that if we are filled with blessings then it must mean we are also filled with joy because blessings bring joy.  In fact, we must be “overflowing” with joy.

So may your cup be blessed and filled with blessings and joy, and may those blessings and that joy reach out and fill up to overflowing those whose lives you touch.  You could even ask God to show you who He wants you to bless!

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