9 Children Rescued From Cybersex Trafficking

IJM have had a successful mission in the Philippines where they rescued 9 children from cybersex trafficking.

What was particularly horrific about this case was that it was a mother who was offering up her own children and nieces/nephews to enduring online sexual abuse for viewers.

The tip off IJM received was from Canadian police who had uncovered a Canadian man live streaming from this Philippine site and past their intelligence onto IJM.

A new grant from the US State’s Department Trafficking in Person Office allows IJM the ability to broaden their area of work with cybersex cases. In this case they were also able to assist Visayas Unit of the Philippine Women and Children Protection Centre (WCPC) in building a case against the criminals.

As the children were lead to safety they were covered in coloured scarves to protect them from onlookers.  It is now crucial that these children receive rehabilitation and therapy to allow them the chance to learn to build trust again and recover from the ordeal that they’ve been through. This kind of therapy and support is something that IJM takes very seriously and it is part of the overall work that they do in the rescuing of victims.

Of the lady who was arrested the IJM report wrote:

On Friday, November 10, police caught the suspect in a sting operation as she offered to exploit her 8-year-old daughter. She had also described other forms of sexual abuse that foreign customers could pay to watch, saying she could get children of “any age.”

Evidence found on site, Philippines

To read the full story go to IJM.


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