10 Minutes Is All It Takes To Get It Right

Each morning the one thing that we find very hard to squeeze in (ok that’s a bit of a fib-I find it hard to squeeze most things in before 9am-this is just a particularly hard to squeeze in thing!) is sorting my daughters hair out.  She has long brown hair (it’s almost at her waist now) and she loves having it brushed and styled, but we just never have the time.  As we fly out of the door at 8.54am each morning I see her shooting out of the door, coat half on, rucksack hanging off one shoulder and wild hair flying over her shoulders. Sometimes it’s wild because she has made an attempt to do it herself and to be fair she pulls of this boho/tussled look with ease, but nevertheless its still full of knots.   Other times it’s wild because she still has it in the same style she tried the day before and it’s now a rather more squashed, “bed head” version.  Either way, it’s not how a little girl should probably look as she pitches up at the school gates.

One reason this bugs me so much is because I love doing her hair! I love brushing it and smoothing it and then coming up with a new creation. Our personal favourite is “Queen Elsa” where I make a plaited crown on top of her head and then finish it off with a French plait sweeping over her shoulder.  Not only does it create a thing of beauty but it also creates an opportunity for me and my daughter to share a moment, to interact, to smile and laugh, and to love.  She blesses me and I bless her.

The infuriating thing is that it only takes 10 minutes to make it look perfect!  10 minutes extra each day is all it takes put in a little effort, a little patience, a little team work, and a lotta love to make it look truly beautiful.

So this got me thinking.  Who can we bless, who can we share with, whose life can we improve, in just ten minutes with a little effort, a little patience, a little team work and a lotta love?

Helping another human being is a truly beautiful thing.

Above all, clothe yourselves with love, which binds us all together in perfect harmony. Colossians 3 v 14



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