A Child’s Smile

It is my heartfelt belief that every human deserves to be loved.  This is not considered by the world to be an official “human right” but for me it is and should be.

Every person on our planet deserves a certain amount of things to live their life and these are encapsulated in 30 human rights which are laid out in Universal Declaration of Human Rights and include things such as equality, education, food, clothing, housing and social security.  But within these 30 articles love is not mentioned.

People need social interaction to function. A number of years ago I watched a documentary about a man who was dropped in the middle of nowhere with just a few basic items to support himself for three months. He came up against wild animals, dangerous weather conditions, lack of food and shelter but he somehow managed to cope with all these things.  What he couldn’t cope with was the lack of human contact. His last webcam shows him deeply emotional and physically shaking because of his need to be with others and he called in his rescue team early to extract him.

Maybe you think I am way off with considering love a human right, that it is an ideology that is too hard to monitor or put into practice. It cannot be written down or defined in a article as the other 30 human rights are. It cannot be fundraised for, there is no “Raise Money For Love” Gala. The fact of the matter is that the onus of providing love as a human right is on all of us.

How good does it feel when you’ve had a bad day and your spouse/partner offers to cook supper?  Or when you are poorly and a friend offers to pick the kids up from school?  And isn’t a hug one of the best feelings in the world?  All these things are acts performed out of love and they make life, which can be hard and wearisome sometimes, a beautiful thing.

On the other hand, not feeling loved is painful and hard.  Sometimes when I’m having a hard time with the kids it makes me feel so low and sad.  I work so hard to look after them and provide for them and in return they can be rude and disrespectful at times.  When my husband walks through the door I let it all pour out (we’ve spoken of my long suffering husband many times before I know!) and the main theme of what I’m saying is that I feel unloved and unappreciated and it doesn’t make me feel good.  But then a few weeks ago, as I was going to bed I stepped into my daughters room and sat on the edge of her bed and looked at her innocent little face.  I accidentally disturbed her and she opened her eyes and when her gaze fell upon mine the most glorious smile spread out across her face and she reached out, hooked her arms round my neck and dragged me in close for a hug.  This moment, just this one moment, told me that no matter what happens she absolutely loves me, hook line and sinker.  My heart and spirits soared and those feelings of under appreciation left and I felt utterly loved.  I will remember this moment for the rest of my life, so powerful was this exhibition of her love for me.

Families and friends have a way of naturally sharing and showing one another love but what of those of us that don’t have any family?  Those of us who are without friends?  What must their day look like?  Honestly, I think probably rather empty.

Now I think you all know by now that I think God loves each and every one of us and I think He shows that in many different ways, but I think it is possible for people to share that love of His with one another.  The second commandment is “love your neighbour as yourself”.  I think He makes this command because 1, God wants us to live in harmony and love without selfishness and 2, because by loving your neighbour as yourself you are showing that person the same love God shows you.

You will never walk past someone in the street and know whether they live a life that is abundant in love or one that is starved by it.  The solution?  Show love and kindness to all and that way we will work together towards eradicating the poverty of love in our world.  Just by sharing a smile, like that of my daughters, could create a memory that will last forever.



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