VLOG! A New Direction

So this is Let’s Run The Races first vlog of the year. I’ve been held back by my thoughts of a change in this race I’m on & so I’ve procrastinated about blogging & vlogging this year but it’s time to just get it out there & move forwards to the freedom finish line, as St Paul did tell us to “run in such a way that you might win” ❤️

I have a history of depression which many of you will know about but almost none of you will know that suicide held me in chains for many years. However last year God showed me what freedom looks like & so I want to move Let’s Run The Race towards how we can all move into freedom, no matter who we are, what we’ve done or had done to us. Freedom is for everyone & it is your human right to be free. Please take a few minutes to watch & please join me in this freedom race

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