Pray for the U.S

“Dearest Father

We lift up to you America and we ask for your mercy and goodness to be poured out upon this country.

Lord, you know in 2020 how many things we need to surrender to you and we ask you to reign supreme.

Give wisdom to the President Donald Trump.  I pray he will seek your counsel and ask for your guidance.  I pray all who work in the U.S government will be seeking you Lord.  We pray Father that the government will always be acting in the best interests of the American people. Father, where there needs to be change please bring change. Make this government a praying government Lord.


We lift before you the presidential election and its preparation.  We ask Lord that you will guide all your people in how to vote.  You know who needs to be elected for your plans to unfold and we ask that you will guide people towards truth.  We pray Lord that whoever wins the election will be used by you for good and for your glory.  We ask that your majesty, your power and your might be will be seen.

We pray Lord for covid and how many people it is affecting.  So many lives lost, so many people ill, so many without jobs and living with uncertainty.  We pray you will draw close and bring comfort. We pray you will use this as a time to draw people into relationship with you.  Stir peoples hearts to be seeking you, asking questions about you and wanting to get you know you.  Lord, you are so mighty that you could have taken covid away by now and so I trust you in your timing.  I do not presume to know your reasonings or your ways but I trust that there is a reason to everything you do and I ask only that your reasons and your purposes are being fulfilled.  We ask though that you provide for people who are suffering, whether it be financial, physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.  We ask that you send your angels to bring comfort and protection.  We ask that you teach people about what is important to you and your kingdom.


I ask Lord for peace to come about for the black lives matter movement.  We ask that change for racial equality comes about Lord but not at the expense of violence and destruction.  I ask that we will get to a stage where all nationalities are treated with equal respect.  We pray that the black lives matter movement will encourage change for other lives that are being discriminated against as well.  That it is a movement that will stir all of us to have a heart for justice and equality.  All lives matter to you Lord yet we live in a broken world where that is not a reality for so many.  Let change come Lord.

We ask Lord for justice within the police.  We know that not all officers discriminate.  We know that you place many wonderful men and women in the force but we do ask for those who are working without a heart for justice, those who take matters into their own hands and those who discriminate against black lives will be identified so that the American police force will be working with justice and mercy at its heart. Route out any evil that might be there causing harm.

Lord we pray for the fires in California.  We ask that you will bring them to an end.  We ask that they stop raging.  We ask that your power at work will be a testimony to who you are.  We pray also for Louisiana Lord and all areas affected by hurricane Laura.  Be with those families who are mourning.  Be with the families who have been displaced to avoid the storm and we ask that you take away all fear.

Father, America is such a big country and I am sure I have missed out so many important things that I don’t know enough about but Lord you know it all. Forgive me for not naming everything and I ask Lord that you meet every need, every heart and every problem in this country.  Let this nation start to heal father.

In the mighty name of Jesus, Amen”

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