What’s Going Under Your Tree This Year?

How exciting was it when you came running down the stairs (normally at about 5am!) as a kid on Christmas morning and saw that amazing pile of presents that Father Christmas had delivered during the night?!  But even more amazing in many ways was getting into bed on Christmas Eve with the anticipation of it all to come!  For weeks you’d been counting down the days whilst planning and then writing your Christmas list.  Finally, at last, it was the night before Christmas.  Let’s face it, it really doesn’t get much better than that.

But now you are grown and the receiving has turned into the giving.  We spend weeks (sometimes months!) wondering about what to get the people in our lives (especially the kids!) and on the day, as adults, we don’t receive anywhere near as much as we once did, because now it’s all about the kids.

The reason for this is because they are so small and innocent and the look of excitement on their faces as they rip parcel after parcel open is delightful. And because we want to see the children in our lives filled up with happiness and joy. Why?  Because they deserve it.

But how many children this Christmas will not climb into bed on Christmas Eve with that anticipation and excitement in their hearts, possibly because they don’t even have a bed to climb into?  Or possibly because the best thing about Christmas this year for them is that they’ve been able to take refuge somewhere that won’t wake them on Christmas morning with the sound of explosions and gun fire.  They won’t be receiving gifts under the tree, they probably won’t even have a tree.  But wouldn’t it be amazing if they did receive a gift?  Wonder that be the best gift ever to give?   That’s why by going to the World Vision website you can donate a number of gifts for children whose lives have been torn apart by war and poverty.   The chances are they won’t receive anything else.  You can spend anything from £8 on a blanket up to £130 on a bicycle.  You can give a gift today that will bring not only happiness and joy but also warmth and protection.

To see the selection gifts you can give please go to Word Vision Gifts .

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