Don’t Be The Girl In A Picture Like This

Don’t be the girl in a picture like this.

Last week was suicide prevention week but I was ill so I didn’t manage to post. But there are somethings that need to said & that need to be heard. This photo was taken the day I tried to commit suicide. I had a smile on my face, a drink in my hand, out with my best girls on the last day on uni. They didn’t know. No one knew. I put on my party dress & my smile & I went dancing.

Suicide does not look how you think it does.

I wore the chains of that day for 12 years. 12 years before I found freedom. I buried it so deep I thought I’d found freedom but I’d just found a lie to hide behind.  I only found freedom because Jesus walks this walk with us.  Because His light shines in the darkness.

I remember feeling like I was in  black room and at the other side of the room was a door, just slightly ajar, and there was a light on the other side of it.  I knew that if I stayed looking at that light I’d be ok. But mental health is so strong, depression so aggressive, that I decided eventually that it would be best to close the door. I’d see the light in heaven instead.  But Jesus shoved His foot into that doorway & and said “Not today.  Not yet”.  He brought me back and He can bring you back too.  Don’t take your eyes off His light.

Today, tell someone how you’re feeling.  Tell Jesus how you’re feeling.

Today, if someone tells you how they’re feeling, don’t worry about what you need to say.  Just love them.

Love conquers all

Dont be the girl in a picture like this.

LetsRunTheRace.Com believes we all deserve to be free, whether it’s freedom from trauma, emotional pain, mental health issues, addictions, poverty or slavery. Our Lord wants to set the captives free because we are all precious to Him. He came to this earth and died that we would be set free from such chains.

F R E E D O M is for E V E R Y O N E



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