World Prayer 2020

P R A Y E R #praying195

I’ve been praying about what God would like Lets Run The Race to be doing this year & I feel like a year of prayer for our world is where God is leading me 🌎🙏🏼

I have felt challenged to look more closely at my own prayer life in the last few months & to consider whether it is as fruitful as it could be. It’s been a heaviness on my heart as I have battled to maintain a good prayer life whilst feeling like I could always be trying harder. I think prayer can so easily be forgotten about sometimes. Nehemiah said to pray first & then act but how often do I act & then throw up a prayer to ask God to bless my action??

I have also lived with doubt about how worthy my prayers are for the world. Can little ol’ me really help an entire country struggling with strife? It’s a question I have struggled with & something I have doubted. But I know in my heart that this isn’t truth. It’s not truth to doubt what God can do through any of our prayers. I once heard a friend say that when we pray heaven acts. That doesn’t mean it will act as we want it to but nevertheless action will take place. I want to see action in our world take place!! I want Gods peace & love to be prayed over nations.

So tomorrow I will start praying for every country in our world. 195 countries. It’ll be a challenge but one I will lay before God!

Please join Let’s Run The Race in this prayer race. Please lift up your own prayers too when you see a prayer post for a country. Please share the prayer posts & let’s get praying for change & Gods goodness. No more doubting 🙌🏻 Join me in the hashtag #praying195 when you are posting & praying for a nation & let’s get people praying!

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NB There are discrepancies about how many countries there actually are so I am going from the UN’s list of countries (193 in the UN & 2 outside of the UN).

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