#praying195 Day 1/195

Dear Lord

We lift up to you Australia & the terrible fires that it is suffering from. We pray Father for rain. Rain, rain & more rain. You are the God who holds the ocean in one hand, who commands the wind & the rain, & you fill the storehouses of snow & hail. Creation is yours to command & we pray that you will bring rain to quench the thirst of these fires. We pray for an end to this suffering & devastation.

We pray that you will draw your people together during this time. We pray that leaders will be like minded with you as to how to lead & govern at this difficult time. We pray that all Australian people, both aboriginals & non-indigenous, men & women alike, will work together in love & support of one another.

We pray for all that has been lost. We pray for the lives of those who have died & for their families. We pray that you will bring comfort & pour out your compassion on them at this devastating time. We pray for all the homes that have been destroyed. We pray for provision for the families without homes now & for their healing after losing everything.

We pray Lord for the animals as well. We thank you for all that people are doing, even risking their own lives, to protect the animals affected. We pray father that Australia will not remain a sun scorched land & that you will allow the grass & the trees to grow again. We We pray for restoration of the eco system. We pray that no more animals will be lost Lord, in your precious name please hear & act.

We pray Lord for the next blaze that is being spoken of that could spread things further & we pray that you will stop it & that you will quell it. We pray that these predictions will not come to pass.

We pray financially for Australia as well Father. We as that fundraising will continue & that they will be able to recover as a nation from the cost of the damage & the cost of fire fighting.

We thank you for every man & woman who has worked against these fires. We thank you for their courage & their selflessness. We pray you will give all those in Australia hope & courage to face tomorrow.

Lifting Australia now Lord. Receive these prayers in the name of your son, Jesus Christ.   Amen


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  1. Carole A Fettig

    I’m totally onboard with you in praying for our world just now.
    Your prayer for Australia was inspiring and helped me where I struggle to put into words the prayers from my heart.
    Thank you Lord for the gift you have given Amy in writing. Continue to encourage, bless and guide her as she uses her gifts to your glory.


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