Prayer for the UK & Ireland

Dear Lord

We lift up to you the UK and the nations that are part of it. We ask for you to hold England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland (despite the borders we lift the whole country of Ireland to you) in the palm of your hand.  You are powerful enough to hold the world in just one hand but right now we focus on these countries.  

We pray Lord that you will be tireless in how you care for and protect these countries and its people.  You, who never sleep, who never grow weary, are the only one who can truly be in control of what is happening.  We ask that you might bring an end to this awful pandemic that is hurting to many people.

We pray Father that the death toll will not continue to rise and if they do we pray that you will comfort the broken hearted and show them your tender compassion.  Draw near to all who already mourn and bring them comfort in a time of darkness.  Let your light burn bright for all.  

We pray for the NHS and all those in health care service.  Give them the strength to keep on going and make them physically strong so that they will not become ill themselves.  Thank you for their selfless and tireless work.  Thank you that you have made people who are willing to be of this kind of service to others.  Their passion for their job and their compassion for their patients is a wondrous thing and we praise you for it.


We ask Lord that you will be with all the key workers who continue to work day in and day out to bring vital amenities to the people of the UK and Ireland.  Where would we be without them? Bless them and bless their families.

Please be with everyone financially.  I pray that you will support all those who are facing financial hard times and all the ramifications that they are facing because of that.  The fall out from this illness is unimaginable and we can only get down on our knees and ask you to be at work.

We pray for the speedy production of ventilators and we pray for those researchers and scientists who are working to create a vaccine and ways of helping.  Support them night and day in their work.

We thank you for Prince Charles’ recovery and we lift to you Boris Johnson.  We ask that you will put strength in his bones and determination in his spirit to fight this illness.  Let him do battle Lord and come out fighting.  We ask that you will protect him so that he can continue to lead our country.  We ask that his experience of this illness will be used by you to help him in how he leads the country in the future. 

There are so many areas that need more prayer father, many of which I don’t have the knowledge or the wisdom to even know about, but I trust that when we ask you to be in all areas of this epidemic, you will know what those places are and you will provide, regardless of my ignorance of lack of knowledge.  

I do pray in the name of Jesus that this time of fear and worry and illness will bring about a surge in love for you from your people.  I pray that people’s minds in all nations will turn to heaven, either to ask questions (to which we pray you will bring answers) and explore who you are or to find hope andcertainty in your presence and sovereignty.

In that name of Christ, Amen



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