Bolivia Here We Come!!

Bolivia here we come! I am off on a mission trip with church for the next 2.5 weeks.

It’s been an ordeal getting here.  First we had a car crash a few weeks ago which left me with whiplash injury to my neck and left shoulder and problems with my ribs.  I’ve been having intensive treatment since to get me in shape to come but I wasn’t sure to begin with if I’d be well enough.

Then every parents favourite illness (not!) took over our house, leaving me and the kids vomiting for almost ten days. I thought either I’d have to stay home to look after them or that I wouldn’t be well enough to come myself, but the Lord is good and we are all ship shape again.

However, after our 4am start to get here, the Air Canada check in guy decided I wouldnt be allowed to travel through America without an esta (visa), even though I do in fact have an esta!  It was a storm in a teacup in the end but panic set in, as did the tears, as he remove sky bag from the scales and started removing my tags!! But once again, all was well and after three plans diversions (bad weather) and one missed flight, we eventually arrived safe and sound!

Saying goodbye to my little ones and big man was the hardest part of course!

whilst we are here we will be working with seminary students at the biblical college in Cochabamba and I will be teaching on captivity and freedom in Christ. It will be my first ever experience of preaching! Excited but nervous!!

We will also we working with children who live in prison with their parents at a centre where they spend their day away from the prison. They return to the prison to sleep each night.


We will also be working on a building project to prevent the spreading of the Chagas disease.  We have to homes that we will be either rebuilding or repairing depending on the state of their homes, to keep them safe from Chagas.

So we are going to be busy! Looking forward to keeping you updated and looking forward to watching God worm whilst we are here

Watch this space for Let’s Run The Race updates

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