#praying195 Day 2/195

Today Lord we lift up to the country of Iran.

We pray Lord for all the people of Iran during this time of political unrest & turmoil. We pray that you will be their comforter & their guide.

We pray Father for political decision making. We ask that you will bring about peace during this uncertain time. We ask that you will lead the way forwards with peace & forgiveness. We ask that decisions will not made out of revenge but for the country & it’s people’s best interests. We ask that you will heal the wounds Iran is feeling after the death of Soleimani. We ask that they have the time to mourn & process the situation they find themselves in. We pray that they can find a resolution to these hurts that do not include war or loss of life. We pray for peace between the US and Iran. We pray that this situation will not escalate May further Lord. Be their guide.

We pray for all those involved in the plane crash in Tehran. We pray for the families of those who have died. We ask for you to reach out to them in love & comfort. We pray that there are answers to what happened & why this crash happened.

We also pray for the environmental issues that Iran faces which are reaching crisis point. We pray for the water & air pollution problems, for the deforestation, land degradation & desertification. We ask that these issues can be left in your mighty hands. We pray that Iran can start to recover from these issues & that you will restore the land & your creation. We also pray for the earthquakes & the most recent one. We pray that the earth will stop rumbling here & the ground will be solid & firm.

We pray for those in imprisonment. We pray for those who have been imprisoned for political opposition, & for the human rights activists & journalists who have been imprisoned. We pray for fair treatment of them & we ask that they can be freed to return to their homes & families. We pray for anyone who has been imprisoned for their beliefs or religion.

Lord, into your hands we place Iran. In the name of Jesus, Amen


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