#praying195 Day 3/195

Dear Lord

This evening we raise up to you the country of China & we asked for your hand to be upon it.

We bring to you the current issues for Hong Kong. I cannot pretend to understand all the detailed intricacies of the difficulties Lord but we know that you do. We know that you understand & know what is right & what is truth. You know how you want Hong Kong & China to be governed & you know what you want for your people there.

We pray for peace. We pray for a resolution to the protests. We don’t ask for the protests to just stop Lord without a solution, we ask for them to stop by you finding a resolution that settles the unrest & upset. We want the people protesting to feel heard but we also want resolution to conflict.

Bring justice. Bring justice in big waves that flow over the whole nation & that bring peace as they settle. Wash the country with hope & rain down such forgiveness that every person will be able to love their neighbour without resentment or recriminations.

We ask for unity. Whatever the future political status of Hong Kong & China, we pray that they will be unified in respect for one another.

We pray that there will be no more deaths or injuries. We pray for the families & friends of those who have died. We ask that you be their comforter & helper each day.

In the name of Jesus we ask for your divine power to intervene, Amen


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#HongKongToday #protests

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