#praying195 Day 4/195

Dear Lord

We pray today for the country of Syria & we lift this precious country up & ask for you to take control.  We pray that this dreadful & unending fighting will cease.  We pray that the hundreds of thousands of people who have been displaced can return home.

We ask you for food, water & shelter. We pray that you can provide these basic necessities for all of those (284,000) people who have fled their home since December.  We pray that they will no longer have to sleep out in the open.  We ask that you will call upon all of those who can help, both financially & physically.  We pray that you will call people forwards to do all that they can.  We pray that you will raise up a world prayer chain that will pray unceasingly for this country & these devastations. We ask that you will stir people’s hearts to help in whatever way they can.

Soften the hearts of all other governments so that they can offer whatever resources they have to provide for refugees who are having to start life again.  Soften the hearts of the people’s of all your nations to open their arms to these refugees. 

We pray for all families affected by the most recent attack on a school in Idlib. We pray for the families of those who have died & ask that you will provide for them & draw near to them.

We ask Lord that you will strengthen the hearts of those on the ground helping. We pray that they will not give up.  We pray that they will continue to do the amazing work they are doing to help.  Open up doors to more humanitarian help coming in. 

Please also strengthen people’s hearts & faiths.  Let them determinedly press on in pray & relationship with you despite this evil that is hurting so many.  You are Lord of all & we ask for your help now. Please let heaven respond today, to this prayer & all other prayers being lifted with.

In the name of Jesus, Amen


Let’s Run The Race is committing 195 days to pray for the 195 countries in our world. Please join & share the prayers so that we can encourage as many people to pray alongside this prayer marathon with hashtag #praying195

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