#praying195 Day 5/195

P R A Y I N G   F O R   B O L I V I A

Dear Lord

Forgive me for being a few days behind with this prayer work & burden my heart with the countries you want me to raise up for prayer.

Today we pray for Bolivia after the difficult and painful unrest it has been through.  We pray for the transition period that it is in right now & we ask that you will keep the country settled & at peace.

We pray for political peace & wisdom.  We ask that, since Evo Morales’ departure from power, you will guide the country in the new direction you want it to go in.  We pray that you will raise up faithful servants in the government.  Those who love you & seek your will.  Those with fair & just hearts who are led by what is right for the people of Bolivia. We pray for this period of waiting until the next election. We ask that you will guide your people to know who to vote for.  We ask that the streets & the people will remain at peace with one another & the temporary governing body right now.

We ask that you will strengthen Jeanine Áñez & give her guidance in all the decisions she makes as the temporary leader of the country.  Help her to guide the people of Bolivia into this election.  Help her to make wise choices & changes. Let your hand rest upon her.

We pray for Evo Morales as well Lord.  We ask that you will speak to him & meet with him.  We ask that you will bring about any justice needed from his time as leader.

We also pray for the military & police Lord.  We pray that you will give them a heart for justice & a heart for Bolivia’s people.  We ask that they will be lead wisely forwards.  We pray that good relations will spring up with the people of Bolivia & the police & military powers.  We ask for unity & protection, not division & fear.  Let these people use their power with great wisdom.

We pray too for the social & economic structure of Bolivia.  We pray that you will raise people out of poverty & create a system & environment that allows for people to earn good wages & be able to provide for their families.  We ask for opportunities for all people so that no one goes unnoticed.  We ask that you will strengthen the countries economy.

We pray too for disease & sickness within the country.  We pray that you will find ways to heal & provide for the sick. We pray that you will equip doctors & healthcare providers with the means to take care of the sick & the impoverished.

We thank you for work you are already doing.  For the programmes taking place in the prisons & communities & for the charity & mission workers who strive to do your work.

Please continue to provide for this country.  Please continue to guide your people. Please let Heaven more to bring about positive & needed changes in this country so loved by you.

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen


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