#praying195   Prayer 6/195

P R A Y I N G   F O R   L I B Y A

Dear Lord on high

We pray this evening for Libya and all who are suffering at the fighting that is taking place there.

It’s overwhelming how complex and complicated the issues have got Lord after almost a decade of fighting and dissension.  Everyone has a different point of view yet everyone involved has a feeling of grievance, anger and hurt.  We pray Lord for forgiveness between the people, both those in leadership & those fighting on the ground.  We pray against recrimination and revenge and we ask for forgiveness and peace.

We pray for the countries getting involved to try to help.  We pray that their motives are good and right.  We ask that they are only seeking peace and resolution and not personal gain.  We ask that you impart wisdom to all leaders and diplomats who are involved.

We pray against further fighting.  We ask for a ceasefire and respite from all fighting.  We pray for restoration for all the people of Libya.

We pray against the resurgence of al Quaeda and ISIS and we pray your defence and protection over Libya from these extremist groups.  We pray your angels will guard and protect.

We also pray for the persecuted Christians in Libya & pray your protection over them.  We ask that you keep them strong in their faith & safe from the dangers they face each day.

We also pray for the awful issue of slavery for migrants and refugees coming into Libya.  We ask for protection for those going to Libya to find a better life & we ask that you will bring an end to this awful slave trade that so disrespects human life.  Send your angels to protect these people Lord & give them safe passage.

We ask these things in your name, Amen

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