Prayer for England #praying195

Lord we raise up to you England today. We pray for your hand to be upon this nation during times of change.

We pray you will guide the EU trade talks for Brexit and we ask that they can come to resolution peacefully.  We ask for a good and beneficial-to-all outcome for these.

We ask that your guiding hand will be with England as Brexit continues to unfold and we ask for your will to be done in all decision making.  We ask that love will reign and that we will not see divisions separating the people of England. We ask for unity no matter what.  We pray that this process does not see a rise in persecution.

We pray for recent flooding issues and ask that all affected will be safe and well, with as little damage as possible.

We ask for your hand to be upon all who’ll live in England. Every person and family.  We ask that you will meet all needs, all pain, all problems.  We ask that you will be the light in the darkness shining the way.

We pray for crime and violence.  We ask that you clear the streets of all these problems so that England can be a safe place to live.  We ask for mentors and public figures to rise up who can guide our youth.   

Be in schools and be in hospitals.  Provide opportunities for all, provide healing Lord, and where healing doesn’t take place, provide faith and hope so that your love for your people will shine.

We pray for your love to be shared and spread.

We also ask for you to be moving in the issues of media and the terrible hurts and pain the media can and has caused.  We ask for a movement that will bring about positive changes to how news is reported on.

We pray this in your name, Amen



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